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What’s your interior design style?

Everyone is unique and we appreciate that you often can’t put personal style into one box, but at Decology we believe we can make it easier for you to find your interior design style by providing four umbrella styles that we use to categorise the style boards in our fabulous Lookbook within our Online Interior Design studio. Know your style and it’s easier to find your perfect scheme. So, what’s your interior design style?

Since Decology first launched, we’ve helped hundreds of people to design their dream space and we’ve also spent a lot of time looking at the interiors style choices and needs of the majority of our customers, taking contemporary trends, age, sex, social, life-stages and lifestyle influences into account. This has helped us to create the following four main styles…


Eclectic is one of the broadest and all-encompassing interior design styles! If you don’t really think you have a style, you’re most likely to be Eclectic! This style is all about use of colour, mixing and layering of textures, materials and furniture. It’s the opposite to minimalist and includes Global Bohemian and Contemporary Traditional substyles.

While the Bohemian style includes richer accent colours, a layered look through inclusion of multiple textiles (rugs and throws etc), ethnic, tribal-inspired furniture or decorative pieces, the Contemporary Traditional style will often include furniture upholstered in bright colours, use of materials such as leather, linen and brass, with more modern pieces such as lighting, and accessories. Think Soho House or Kit Kemp.

Eclectics are likely to be female, either single or with a family. This style is most often seen in maisonettes, basement flats and modern apartments, but is equally suited to London Edwardian terraced family home and more country or Suburban homes.

Eclectic Bedroom 2- new layout
Eclectic Bedroom visual


Contemporary focuses on clean lines, shapes and form. Its colour palette is based on neutral elements, with bold, often jewel-toned accent colours, giving bright and interesting elements.

Materials are often luxe, rich and decorative (e.g. grey marble surfaces, velvet upholstery, glamorous metallic accents, statement lighting) with a feminine slant. The current trends for bold colours, metallics, jewel tones and art deco accents will fall within this style.

This style is a favourite of single professionals, primarily female and families with older children who now have a chance to declutter! It’s very at home in modern city central apartments and modernized London terraced houses.

Decology Contemporary style
Visual 2



Think city dwelling, loft living, warehouse conversions! The Urban style is often quite masculine, and this umbrella style includes Industrial-Light and Mid-Century Modern style.

Both have a masculine-inspired, rustic and mature style, referencing the turn-of-the-century industrial era, and focusing on use of exposed metalwork, vintage, distressed wooden pieces and lots of leather.

Furniture pieces would range from more modern rustic with cleaner lines to more rugged and relaxed vintage. The Urban colour palette includes darker richer tones, such as navy, dark green, browns and ochre.

Unsurprisingly, this style is favoured by single male professionals and younger, professional couples, most likely not yet with kids! Its typical homes would be maisonettes/basement flats, modern city apartments and warehouse conversions.


Urban Living Room 1
Urban Living Room visual



The Scandinavian or “Scandi” style is particularly current and a Millennial favourite. Minimal in both tones and furniture/accessories, it is a modern, clean and gender-neutral style. Scandi style uses soft accent colours and a mix of organic and engineered materials.

This style’s furniture is simple, contemporary and functional. Base colours are often white or grey tones, but soft blues and warm neutrals often feature.

The Scandinavian style is a firm favourite of first homers and young families and is at home in most houses, from small apartments to larger terraced homes.

Scandi Living Room 5
Final Render - Contemporary Classic - Daytime


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