The Decology story…so far!

The Decology story…so far!

April 24, 2018

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Decology’s founder, Sharon Costi was born in Israel, raised in Venezuela and graduated from universities of Stanford and Michigan, following which she lived in New York, before finally settling in London!  A global citizen with a passion for style, design and cultural influences. Sharon’s retail background, property development experience and entrepreneurial spirit have combined to form Decology.

The inspiration

Like many innovative businesses, the concept for Decology was sparked by personal experience: Just after Sharon had her third child, she and her husband bought a large house that was a real project – they spent over year completely refurbishing it.

“Our budget for the interiors was minimal, it all went on the boring structural stuff that no one ever sees”, says Sharon. “We had an architect, and I really wanted to work with a designer but every quote I got was horrendously expensive – we just didn’t have the budget.”

The renovation that inspired Decology

Sharon finally turned to some interior designer friends for advice, but realised there must be an opportunity to provide an online interior design service that would enable people get help with styling and design in a more affordable way…

Shortly afterwards, she was invited by a friend to attend the Web Summit in Ireland and the ‘Sharing Economy’ was a hot topic in all the talks. While Sharon’s embryo idea had already started to form, this additional insight from the Web Summit provided the structure for the platform, and three weeks later coding the Decology site started!

Decology v1

The evolution of Decology

The initial Decology service launched in November 2016, but Sharon knew that this would be a work in progress and as with any great idea, Decology would continue to evolve with experience, new technology and customer feedback.

The first year of Decology allowed Sharon and her team to help hundreds of people to realise their dream space, but Sharon felt the service could be further simplified to make it an easier and more customer-centric process.

Decology 2.0

“A few months into our business it became obvious that our customers needed to visualise their space redesigned to be able to make more informed decisions. I looked high and low for technology that would allow us to render the designs instantly, but was told it couldn’t be done. I am inspired by those who don’t take no for an answer –  Frida Kahlo, Picasso and Elon Musks are my heroes – and when people say, ‘it can’t be done’ my response is invariably, ‘They put a man on the moon using a computer not much more powerful than a first-generation iPhone, surely nothing is impossible.’”

Decology 2.0

Having partnered with some of Decology’s favourite designers to create a large selection of inspirational style boards and found someone who was able and prepared to work on the new design tool Sharon dreamed up, we are now armed with the latest in 3D technology, we can deliver a state-of-the-art online interior design tool that will help everyone realise their design goals, easily and with minimum outlay, from the comfort of their own living room!

Decology’s 3D Studio

“With big plans for the future as the platform evolves and we add more functionality, we will continue with our aim to develop the industry, empowering designers and combining human creativity with the power of technology and the devices in our pockets to provide a truly exceptional experience.”
Sharon Costi.

Welcome to Decology, meet the future of interior design.

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