Rockett St George

Eclectic & glamorous: Interiors Q&A with Rockett St George

If you haven’t come across the fabulous homewares and design emporium, Rockett St George yet, where have you been since 2007??! Award-winning website, Rockett St George was created by two Sussex-based friends, Jane Rockett and Lucy George and has become the online go-to for all interior homewares and accessories. Ahead of the launch of the Rockett St George & Decology edit this week on our online interior design platform we find out more about what inspires this dynamic in our …

modern gentleman

The modern gentleman: Chris Beastall talks style and timeless flair

Chris Beastall of Ape to Gentleman fame gives us the lowdown on style and flair for the modern gentleman. Chris Beastall, founder and editor of online men’s magazine, Ape to Gentleman, is flying the flag for the modern gentleman who loves traditional masculine style with timeless flair.  He talks to Decology about his path from Ape to Gentleman and what influences his own fashion and interiors style.

Holiday houses: how to get that vacation vibe at home

We’ve all got those favourite holiday houses we’ve either stayed in or admired from afar; domestic or far flung, they’re the special places we’d love to pick up and bring back home with us to keep us going for the rest of the year.  This month, to get into the holiday vibe, we visit a few of our favourite holiday house looks and provide the tips on how to achieve them in your own home.

man cave decology

Man Cave: How to style the modern man’s living room

Creating the perfect masculine living space or ‘man cave’ is simply about creating a chilling, gaming or TV-watching space that’s got a great balance between style and masculinity. ‘Man Caves’ don’t need to be dark and dingy or tacky spaces no one else in the family would dare to tread; they can be cool, sophisticated and stylish retreats that simply have a more masculine vibe. Here are our styling tips to create the perfect modern man’s living room, you can …

Sunny side up: how to bring yellow into your home

Bold statement colours like bright yellow are great to bring in some fun, bright, contrasting colour and can instantly lift your mood. The trick is to bring in colour in an easily changeable, subtle way (if you can be subtle with bright yellow!). That way, when you want to move on, you can update your colour quickly and without major expense. This summer is all about bright yellow, so here are Decology’s top tips to bring in the sunshine…

Choose the right rug

Cheat Sheet: How to choose the right rug for your living room

It can be tricky so here’s our cheat sheet on how to choose the right rug for your living room. Rugs are the perfect floor-covering. When you choose the right rug they add texture, colour and warmth underfoot; help create zones and define spaces and can be easily changed and updated. However, there are dos and don’ts that ensure you choose the right rug for your space. The right one will make a room look fabulously finished; the wrong one will …

The Decology story…so far!

Decology’s founder, Sharon Costi was born in Israel, raised in Venezuela and graduated from universities of Stanford and Michigan, following which she lived in New York, before finally settling in London!  A global citizen with a passion for style, design and cultural influences. Sharon’s retail background, property development experience and entrepreneurial spirit have combined to form Decology.