Scandi Style

Scandi Style for Your Home? That Makes Perfect Sense.

Scandi Style for Your Home? That Makes Perfect Sense.

December 20, 2018


This week we speak with the duo behind Nordic Edit. Kate & Karin got inspired, as so many do, on a trip to Stockholm, when they couldn’t find the Scandi style they’d fallen in love with back in East Coast Scotland they decided to open Nordic Edit and haven’t looked back.


Scandi style is a design trend that has firmly found a home in the UK and its influence pops up all over the high street. It’s certainly one of the most popular schemes used in the Decology  online interior design studio. However Scandinavian design, in Kate & Karin’s  opinion isn’t a trend at all. It’s simply the perfect approach to design – thinking of the use (and potential other uses) of a product and how to make it work as effectively as possible, always as beautifully as possible.

This is why Nordic Edit came to be. They couldn’t find this beautiful, common sense approach to everyday living that they fell in love on a trip to Stockholm back in East Coast Scotland. It wasn’t confined to interiors, there was a joyous practicality to all aspects of living that was refreshing and completely inspiring.

So they opened a showroom and launched a website offering a handpicked collection of Nordic homeware that champions beauty and purpose which they ship around the world, sharing the love!

So how do you keep your Nordic look authentic? It’s simple. As most Nordic approaches are!

Here are their top five tips.


Embrace Greenery

Image Freshhome

If you have spent time in a Scandinavian country, this will be familiar. Greenery is everywhere. Living walls are common fixtures in major public spaces and restaurants and hotel lobbies are adorned with lush green plants. In fact that dark green botanical hue seems ever-present when you stroll along the streets of Stockholm and Copenhagen. Plant stands are an excellent way to keep greenery in our line of sight, so we can absorb the wonderful enriching feeling of vitality they create – but perhaps more crucially, we remember to care for them! Ferm Living make some lovely plant holders and plant boxes that make a style statement in their own right.


Take Shelving to a Whole New Level

The Nordic interior is simple and uncluttered to the eye, creating a feeling of space that brings much-needed calmness and tranquility. This doesn’t happen by chance but is rather cleverly enabled by the use of flexible storage that beautifully fits the space you need. The master in this regard is String which will celebrate its 70th birthday in 2019. Highly regarded as one of the most influential and iconic Swedish design brands of the modern Scandinavian era, String revolutionized shelving. The Pocket String system is genius – a flexible, elegant and minimalist shelving system that can be tailored to your home and your belongings. It is so simple to construct and and beautiful to look at thanks to the elegant ladders that hold the shelves. Shop the Pocketstring shelving here


Add Movement

Goodness, life can feel a bit crazy busy at times, right? It can often feel hectic at best, overwhelming at worst. The best antidote is to view your home as your haven: an inviting and restful space in which you can relax and unwind. There are many ways you can do this of course but one you may not have considered is adding a mobile.  Mobiles are much loved in Scandinavia and not just as nursery accessories. Flensted has been creating moving artworks since 1953 on the Danish island of Funen, also known as the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen and their popularity stems from their graceful and calming movements that help the mind relax and find peace. Shop the Flensted mobile here


Let Your Lighting Shine

One area of interiors that Nordic designers particularly excel at is lighting. Why? Because of their delightful obsession for both form and function. Careful consideration is given to the purpose of the light source and the required strength of light output. Kitchens will often feature pendant designs that can direct and funnel light where it’s required, living rooms and bedrooms will favour softer designs that create more of a warming glow. Shapes are simple and colours are created in soft, muted tones. The stand-out success for us this year is the irresistible Eos design from Umage (formerly Vita Copenhagen). This fluffy little cloud is without doubt the simplest way to add a wow-factor to your bedroom or living room that you just can’t take your eyes off. It comes flat packed, is as light as the feathers it’s constructed from and is designed to artfully conceal the bulb so the effect is a perfect ball of warm light. The result?  Simply gorgeous, relaxing spaces you look forward to spending time in.



Look to Nature

Image Dezeen

Nature is a source of great inspiration in Nordic design. There’s a deep appreciation for using natural materials such as wood, leather, jute, wool and paper which makes for cosy ‘touch-me’ textures and a lovely warm colour palette. We love the consideration that goes into design, the heritage and pride in these long-established brands, many of whom are family businesses and their cherished aim of creating homeware pieces that you will treasure for a long, long time. One such designer is Åry Furniture. Located deep in the forests of Sweden, Åry has been crafting high quality wooden trays, tables and accessories in Sweden since 1952. Their success is due is a long-held tradition of exceptional craftsmanship and a passion for natural materials and sustainable, functional objects made by hand.



Nordic  Style Colour Tips

Classic monochrome with accents of soft pink, brass, dark green, tan (cork or leather). Nordic interiors are known for their perfectly whitewashed looks but one of the reasons their interiors are so stunning isn’t the lack of colour – it’s the pared back, sparing use of it. Colour is often subtle – think richer, comforting hues, though adding a colour pop of ochre/mustard yellow is also very popular.


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