A Room in The Cloud

Deliver a one-of-a-kind omnichannel e-commerce experience. From 3D Room design to AR – our 3D Cloud enables your shoppers to plan, visualise and purchase with confidence.

Decology powers the home design and shopping experience of the future.


Bridge the imagination gap, with inspiring results


Increase in Basket Size


Reduction in Returns


Reduction in Purchase Cycle

Showcase and sell your products in context

Designing, furnishing and visualising a new space can be hard – particularly when there are so many options!

With our innovative home design platform, we can help you bring your customers’ vision to life and make the process fun and engaging.

Give your shoppers the opportunity to try before they buy by adding your product catalogue to the 3D Cloud.

However and Wherever your customers choose to shop

In Store

Help your customers make quicker and better decisions, by adding products to their Room in The Cloud by scanning your QR code in store enables shoppers to instantly see what fits best.

At Home

With a click of a button on your product page, shoppers go from flat image to placing a product in a replica of their space without ever leaving your site.

On the Go

A full AR and 3D immersive experience, bring your catalogue to life in the customer’s home wherever they are.

Why Choose Decology

Immersive Content

Simply add your 3D models to the 3D Cloud. Don’t have 3D models? Our team of 3D artists can help you digitise and/or optimise your catalogue.
Get in touch to find out how.

Design Showcase

Design is in our DNA, we have an in house  creative team and work with industry influencers to showcase your products in our lookbook. We can curate and your own brand looks, or even digitise  lifestyle shots.  

Plug & Play

3D and immersive content can be taxing on your website. Our innovative solution runs on our 3D Cloud, and enables you to provide a one-of-a-kind e-commerce experience with a click of a button.

Simple Fees

Last but not least, we believe your success is our success. We therefore operate on a simple fee structure, that is based on measurable results like engagement and sales. 


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