Decology 3D studio

New Decology 3D Studio – see into your future home

New Decology 3D Studio – see into your future home

April 29, 2018

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If you’ve got some great ideas for revamping your home, but are stuck when it comes to pulling them all together and seeing how they’d actually look or work in your own space, then our new Online Interior Design 3D Studio is about to change your world!

Decology’s 3D Vision

Since launching in 2016, we have helped hundreds of happy clients redesign their spaces. On the way, we’ve learned that the ability to visually convey a design was what determined the success of a project.

So, when the time came to think about new features to include in our disruptive online service – ‘Decology 2.0’ in tech speak – we decided to focus on developing visualisation tools that will make our virtual design process even easier and more effective for you.


Find a look you love in our designer-curated Lookbook

Our talented designers have created an array of amazing and inspirational style boards for our brand-new Lookbook to help you to visually identify what you like – and (more importantly) what you don’t – which makes everything easier right from the start. Just find the look you love and make it yours. 

What makes our new service so unique is that our proprietary Decology 3D studio, Crystal Ball, wraps it all together and allows you to see your chosen designer look in your own home; adapted, perfected and tailored just for you.

How does Crystal Ball & 3D Studio work?

Powered by our Crystal Ball, the 3D Studio allows you to visualise our designer-curated schemes in your own space to see how they’ll actually look in your home.

Not only that, but you can then adapt and personalise them by swapping different items of furniture, accessories, rugs, lights and finishes from the curated selection the designers have left for you to try:

  • Can’t decide on wallpaper vs paint, try out both and see how they look!
  • Not sure about a layout? Move some furniture or accessories around; try your sofa in a different position or even magic your Grandmother’s bureau into the design
  • View the room from different angles to test out flow and functionality
  • You can even turn the lights on and off to get a bit of atmosphere!

It’s all possible in our 3D Studio!

One-to-one virtual professional interior design help

If you need additional professional design help, book a virtual consultation with a Decology designer. In these virtual consultation sessions (via phone or Skype), your designer will also have access to your 3D Studio at their end, so you can discuss, alter and try different layouts and new pieces – all in real time.

It’s brilliant. It’s the future. It’s interior design for all!


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