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Man Cave: How to style the modern man’s living room

Man Cave: How to style the modern man’s living room

June 9, 2018

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Creating the perfect masculine living space or ‘man cave’ is simply about creating a chilling, gaming or TV-watching space that’s got a great balance between style and masculinity.

‘Man Caves’ don’t need to be dark and dingy or tacky spaces no one else in the family would dare to tread; they can be cool, sophisticated and stylish retreats that simply have a more masculine vibe. Here are our styling tips to create the perfect modern man’s living room, you can apply the looks directly to our online interior design service.


The perfect style for a modern man – Urban-Eclectic

The perfect style for the modern man is likely to be a combination of Urban and Eclectic style.  Urban style is in itself quite masculine and includes Industrial-Light and Mid-Century Modern. It uses modern, edgier shapes and industrial materials, while the eclectic style more about the use of colour, mixing and layering of textures, materials and furniture, to give a warm, relaxing and familiar ambience.

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Warm neutrals with colourful accents

For a traditionally masculine feel with a modern edge, choose neutral greys, warm browns and metallics as your main palette, mixed with the more eclectic tones of rich greens and dark blue accent colours – perfect for cushions and smaller pieces of furniture and accent accessories, such as lamps, vases, plants or artwork.

Tip: A contrasting or statement wall in a richer colour also works really well as a focus wall – for TV, photos/art or a key piece of statement furniture.

Be bold with furniture choice

When choosing your furniture, be bold and go big!  Pick out one or two serious statement pieces you love, such as a fantastic mid-century media unit, modular sofa or a great over-sized leather armchair.  Go for warm or dark woods mixed with industrial metals and leather or hard-wearing fabric upholstery.

Tip. A large rug placed underneath your furniture setting will anchor it all and pull the room together.


Mix and match accessories

Mix and match your accessories and soft furnishings – rugs, lampshades, cushions and throws/blankets. Go for a mix of fabrics and colours for warmth and personality. Traditional cotton or linen can mix with velvet/velour and wools or acrylic or metallic shades.

Tip: Your soft furnishings are where you can add character and keep your space on trend by regularly updating things like lampshades and cushions to give splashes of modern colour.


Go Monochrome…

Creating a man cave or your own masculine style living space is where you have the opportunity display the photos, sports memorabilia and artwork you love…

Don’t cover every inch of the walls, but choose a wall and make a feature, grouping photos, art or memorabilia together.

Tip: Use monochrome frames and prints for best effect.  They will look perfect for the modern masculine style.

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Flexible, interesting lighting

Flexible lighting is key to a multi-purpose living space. Turn it up for socialising and partying; down for chilling!  Using standard lamps and table lamps is a great way to keep it flexible, so you can move light sources around.  An interesting, metallic feature pendant over a games table or bar works well and also serves to reflect light and colour.

Tip: A large mirror on one wall or behind a bar area will also reflect light back into the room and make the room appear bigger.


TV – the focal point

Who needs art when you have a TV the size of a snooker table?!  The TV is a great focal point for the room and a must-have for sports watching. TVs are perfectly placed above a fireplace, on top of a unit (media unit or low sideboard) in the centre of the main wall.

Tip. The seating – sofas, armchairs and additional stools etc, should be arranged in a U-shape with the TV for optimum viewing and sociability.

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