Decology creative director Laura Attolini

Decology designer profile: Laura Attolini

Decology designer profile: Laura Attolini

August 23, 2018

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This week we profile Decology designer Laura Attolini. Laura is Decology’s most international designer! As an Italian, whose mother was also an architect, interior and architectural design is in her DNA! Read about Laura’s interior design journey, her design inspirations and designer tips to help you achieve your own #interiordesigngoals! 

Laura’s geographic design journey is second to none. She studied Architecture at Genova University. She lived in Paris for 10 years, working across many design disciplines and for a bit of a change of scene, not to mention a totally different design landscape, she moved to Idaho, USA for three years. She has now called London home since 2015. She pours all this experience into her role as Decology designer in chief, using our 3D online interior design studio to create amazing spaces for our customers.

What inspired you to work in interior design?

I was always creative and loved drawing and designing since I was very little. I used to collect and transform the most common objects and waste into design pieces.  My mum was an architect and I always thought I wanted to be like her!

What you love most about what you do?

I love to really see the potential of every place.  Design and architecture is really quite magical and has the power of completely transform every space. Every new project is a new adventure and a learning experience and I love the fact that it’s a chance to communicate, share ideas and knowledge and help people realise their dreams.

What’s your personal interiors style?

I’m a bit of a mixture really, like a lot of people. I draw inspiration from all over the place but I love neutral monochromes: white, black, grays, beiges and also warm materials such as wood, metals, leather and textured fabrics.

I’m a big fan of contemporary clean lines, with eclectic touches, but I also love a mix of modern and antique/vintage to add interest and depth or a story to a home.

You’ve created some amazing looks for Decology what are some of your favourites?

If I had to pick two it would be my “Bohemian calm” bedroom look and my “Touch of orange” living room look. The eclectic bedroom look works so well with neutral tones and a Scandi feel, whilst the citrus accent colours of the living room add a touch of vibrance to a neutral canvas.

Bohemian Calm

Bohemian calm look

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A Touch of Orange

a touch of orange look

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What are your thoughts on online interior design?

It’s definitely a promising way of offering interior design. More and more the interior design “old world” is changing because of what technology today has to offer, simplifying and speeding up the process and opening it to a wider audience. More and more furniture and design companies offer their catalogues online and not in a traditional showroom/store.

I think design was before somehow perceived as something for richer or supposedly more sophisticated people, while today “design” is part of everyday life and because of technology great design can be extended to everyone.

What are the favourite 3 pieces of furniture or accessories in your home?

That’s really hard because I change things all the time!  But I have some lovely antiques that have been passed down through my family; also a black and white gallery wall and I like the lights. Light is very important in the house for me. I love minimal, architectural lighting that is able to create ambience and contrast with anitiques or bolder features in a space.

You’ve lived all over the world but what is the most inspirational city for design and interiors?

That’s a hard one. I’d have to say either Paris or London.

Favourite design blog?

I’m a big fan of Dezeen and remodelista.

What style trend would you bring back?!

I’m not sure we need to bring anything back to be honest, because I feel like everything is permitted right now! It’s a great time for mixing styles and codes. We don’t have to conform to any particular style or trend. It’s all about personalising your space to suit your own style and personality.

Interior style trends your loving for 2018?

Following on from the above, I’m loving mix of eclectic and industrial with chic statement pieces.

Your top 3 interior design tips?

  1. Don’t overdo it. As they say, “Less is more!” Keep things simple, selecting few nice and interesting pieces; layer materials and textures. Much like conversation, there’s no need to fill in every space! Blank areas allow a space to breathe and also serve to enhance the pieces in the room.
  2. Proportions and lines are very important – everything needs to be at the right scale to fit correctly in the space.
  3. Functionality and aesthetic are deeply connected and are the basis for a good design. A design that is just beautiful, but not functional or comfortable doesn’t work.

Do you have a recent project your proud of?

Absolutely, the work i did for Niki Brantmark (My Scandinavian Home) was a challenge but I think the results speak for themselves.

Read more about the project here.

What we think about her…

“Laura’s professional experience, her inbuilt knowledge and instinctive interior flair enable her to realise beautiful contemporary projects at every scale and budget. Her relaxed and flexible approach means she always has a great relationship with clients and can achieve the best results possible.”  Sharon Costi, Decology founder.

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