Interiors Style: Modern Glamour

Interiors Style: Modern Glamour

August 20, 2017

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What do you get when you combine sleek lines with glamorous materials? The Modern glamour look. This interior design trend became popular because it follows simple rules with a sparkly twist. Conservative shapes, chic drapery, simple colours and exquisite finishes. Decorative accents are then added for a touch of luxury and class.

It’s safe, it appeals to everyone and it offers a fresh alternative to the formal classic interiors.

It combines functionality and exquisite aesthetic. So how can you create the look?


Use Luxurious fabrics:


Velvet sofas are the centrepieces of modern glamorous interiors. In beige or grey, they radiate luxury and softness. The style is irrelevant, you can mix and match furniture from different design schools.

For the dazzling effect, silk pillows are piled on.  The more the better.  You can introduce some colour through the pillows and through a soft modern rug.

While texture is key, pattern can be used on drapes. Exaggerated geometric lines on drapes in pastel colours complement the overall look.


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Incorporate reflective surfaces 

Modern cannot be glamourous without the use of metallic accents. If you want to be safe, use polished chrome, but brass is more interesting and daring. A brass étagère for example evokes 1930s Hollywood, and offers a more interesting alterative to wood.  Glossy and mirrored materials can be used as wall panels to make spaces look bigger and brighter.

Invest in Dramatic lighting:

Majestic chandeliers adorned with silk shades and crystals represent an important focal point in this design trend. Paired with elegant reflective wall sconces, they provide the instant wow factor to any room.  Candles are a must. They provide atmospheric lighting and soften the mood.

artic pear

Create Visual Interest:

Display your vases and decanters on étagères, consoles and side boards. They evoke a feeling of sophistication. Abstract modern art adds the luxurious delicate detailing we are after.  Simple and interesting.

Jonathan adler2


Modern Glamour combines luxury and functionality.  It represents a lifestyle that is sophisticated yet effortless and easy. It is a timeless design trend that’s forever subtle and elegant.


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