Style Secrets: Get the Rockett St George Look

We’ve teamed up with interior experts extraordinaire, Rockett St George, to bring you three curated Rockett St George looks. What’s more you can design with these and buy the items in a 3D room of your own.   Rockett St George is one of over 200 interior brands you can experiment with using Decology’s online interior design studio. We love their statement style and eclectic range of furniture and homeware. Inspired by Rockett St George, our expert interior designer Laura has …

gentlemans bedroom

Get the look: Chris Beastall’s Stylish Gentleman’s Bedroom

For our latest transformation we create a stylish gentleman’s bedroom for men’s style guru, Chris Beastall. Chris Beastall, creator and editor of the popular male lifestyle blog, Ape to Gentleman, wasn’t even aware he needed his bedroom re-styled until he tried out Decology’s new online interior design 3D Studio service for his blog.  He decided to give it a go to improve and update his own bedroom and was blown away by the results!

Holiday houses: how to get that vacation vibe at home

We’ve all got those favourite holiday houses we’ve either stayed in or admired from afar; domestic or far flung, they’re the special places we’d love to pick up and bring back home with us to keep us going for the rest of the year.  This month, to get into the holiday vibe, we visit a few of our favourite holiday house looks and provide the tips on how to achieve them in your own home.

man cave decology

Man Cave: How to style the modern man’s living room

Creating the perfect masculine living space or ‘man cave’ is simply about creating a chilling, gaming or TV-watching space that’s got a great balance between style and masculinity. ‘Man Caves’ don’t need to be dark and dingy or tacky spaces no one else in the family would dare to tread; they can be cool, sophisticated and stylish retreats that simply have a more masculine vibe. Here are our styling tips to create the perfect modern man’s living room, you can …

moving in together

Moving in together: How to successfully combine different interiors styles

Moving in together, whether just friends or partners, can be difficult. Trying to work out how to combine different interiors styles without falling out!  Here at Decology we have helped more than a few couples find their combined style, and in doing so, we’ve developed a method (the bastard child of interior design and couple’s counselling!) that can guide you through the process.  

interior design style

What’s your interior design style?

Everyone is unique and we appreciate that you often can’t put personal style into one box, but at Decology we believe we can make it easier for you to find your interior design style by providing four umbrella styles that we use to categorise the style boards in our fabulous Lookbook within our Online Interior Design studio. Know your style and it’s easier to find your perfect scheme. So, what’s your interior design style?

Modern Country – how to achieve this eclectic style

Modern Country has become a key style within interior design that produces a harmonious space with a warmth of character. Interiors that are formed with a rustic mood and modern touches are the epitome of uncomplicated elegance, and work well within a rural or urban environment. Approaching this style within your own home can be easy, and following a few simple steps you can create a space that is comforting, restorative and innovative.