Style your home for productive remote working

Style your home for productive remote working

Style your home for productive remote working

September 7, 2018

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Style tips for productive remote working, with the emphasis on productive!

The flexibility of remote working is something that more and more of us are embracing. A huge reason for launching Decology in the first place – the UK’s first completely online interior design service – was to offer customers and designers the flexibility and tools to design amazing interiors wherever and whenever they wanted.

We talk to three remote workers, who also happen to be designers and interior experts, and get their top tips on creating the perfect space to become a productive remote working guru.

laptop in bed remote working


The rose-tinted view of remote working is that it’s all emails from bed and quitting the commute for a lay-in, and while this might be occasionally true, the reality is you have to be more motivated than ever to reap the rewards. Succesful remote working is very often a matter of discipline, it also helps to have an inspiring sapce to call your office. Read on and find out how you can transform into the epitome of efficiency in every situation – and who doesn’t want that?


Paris-born Najwa Mroué moved to the UK to become an interior designer in 2005 and now works at London studio Atelier NM.

 Remote working

Just one of Najwa’s vibrant projects

 “My business was created remotely and I owe it to the prevalence of smartphones, tablets, and social media. The world is moving towards more efficient ways of working, using technology and virtual platforms such as Decology.

“Decology is so refreshing recognising that customers want to access design services wherever they are at times that are often outside office hours. A lot of my clients live abroad and love Decology because they can keep up to date with the progress of a project wherever they are.”

Choosing my own working environment and hours makes me more productive. Avoiding long commutes also means my time is spent on the creative process and execution of the interior design projects i undertake.

Using the right business apps helps me complete tasks at a time that’s convenient. This guarantees a smooth work stream and cuts down on the admin.

Najwa’s top tip:

For work spaces, choose venues that inspire you. This will lead to creative, fun, and healthy challenges. Whether you are cooking, shopping for a client, or having a business lunch, draw inspirations from your daily activities as this can positively influence your work – then show the results on social media.


Karolina Barnes has run her own design business from Kent for three years and has also previously designed home offices for clients.


One of Karolina’s makeovers for a client

“For me, working remotely is no different to traditional methods. I still present my proposals, samples and technical drawings in the same way. But it gives me flexibility to handle multiple projects at different stages and I can fit work around my family – this makes remote projects more satisfying.

“Tools like Skype or Dropbox are vital for productive remote working as working remotely requires good organisational skills and clear communication. I had a project in Prague last year which was done completely remotely and documenting every conversation and every step was vital to its success.

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Elena Romanova, from Surbiton in Surrey, quit her corporate career to launch her own design business six years ago.

Elena’s family home makeover included this classic living room

“I run my business from home, which means I don’t have ‘standard working hours’. I can offer my clients complete flexibility and I work a lot with professional couples who can only meet in the evening or at weekends.

“Sometimes the boundaries between your personal and professional life become a bit blurred. A good tip for productive remote working is to learn to switch off and have slots during the day when you are not checking emails.

“A well-organised home office is a must. With all those wallpapers, fabrics, floor samples, and hundreds of tester pots, you can be quite overwhelmed, so come up with a system that works for you.

“Working on your own can be lonely, so networking is helpful. Whether it’s other designers or just like-minded entrepreneurs – get out there and meet them! You will learn from each other and it may even lead to new business.”


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