7 Ways to Maximise A Small Space

7 Ways to Maximise A Small Space

May 23, 2018

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Decorating a small space doesn’t have to mean a big headache. And let’s face it, for many of us living in city centres, a small living space is a reality. That said, there are several simple tips and tricks that can be used to help create the illusion of space, while not compromising on your decorating style. Here are our seven ways to maximise a small space…

1. Multi-Functional Furniture

With limited floor space it becomes essential to select furniture pieces that work hard for you. Go for furniture that is multi-tasking with multiple uses, such as a sofa that turns into a bed, or a fold out dining table that doubles as a desk. Multi-use is your friend when you want to maximise a small space.  Similarly, opt for chairs that can be folded up and stored when not in use.

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2. Add a Mirror

Adding a reflective surface such as a mirror is one of the easiest ways to create the feeling of space. Place next to a natural light source to catch the angle and bounce the light across the room, making it immediately feel brighter and bigger.

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3. Consider Your Rug Size

While this may go against your instinct, upscale your rug. A smaller rug often gives the feeling of breaking up a space, whereas a larger rug that reaches beyond the edge of the furniture can seem to extend the space, making a room feel larger.

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4. Hidden Storage

Effective storage, particularly hidden storage, is a key way to avoid clutter in a small area. Consider pieces that not only look good, but that work hard for you as well; for example, a bench with storage, or a coffee table with integrated shelving.

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5. Clever Lighting

If you don’t have a high ceiling, then the inclusion of a pendant light can often make your room feel smaller. Therefore, opt instead for slimline, compact floor lamps that can be squeezed into awkward, dead spaces, such as the corners of rooms. Wall mounting lights is another good option for providing task lighting that avoids taking up floor space.


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6. Neutral Colour Scheme

A simple, clean palette can open up a room making it feel more spacious and less cluttered. Likewise, using a single colour for both the walls and the woodwork can help to maximise the feeling of size as it eliminates the contrast colour lines that can visually divide up a room.

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7. Add Height

Even if you don’t have high ceilings, full length curtains will appear to add height to your walls. In small spaces, keep the treatment simple and avoid anything fussy that distracts the eye. Simple, neutral colours particularly, can help to make the most of the natural light in the space.

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